Hello 2018.

This is the first SONG OF THE WEEK of 2018 and it’s a lil different from the others. New year, new music? I made it a goal for this year to discover new artists and branch out a lil more. (We’ll see how that rolls.)

Anyway! Last week my family and I went and saw the movie, The Greatest Showman. So. Good. A lil summary, this guy who creates a show/circus out of basically nothing. He finds all these interesting, different people to take part in the show and it grows to be a this huge, spectacular performance. (Obviously with bumps along the way.) Zac Efron and Zendaya play great roles in it. But, the soundtrack is so, so, so good. Every song throughout the movie made you want to sing along.

So, this weeks SONG OF THE WEEK is my favorite from the soundtrack…

Come Alive – Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman Soundtrack)

You can also watch the live commercial they did for the song. (The reason I discovered the jam.)

My favorite part is when EVERYONE starts singing and clapping. Love it.

The entire soundtrack for the movie is really good and I totally recommend that you listen to it. (Even if you’re not into the musical scene.)

Well. Here is to 2018.

I can’t wait to keep building my lil blog and sharing lots and lots with y’all.

Happy first Monday of 2018.

(If you haven’t seen my 2017 video yet, click here;


2017 Highlight Video

2017 you did me good.

I traveled. I explored. I tried new things. I grew closer to Jesus. I learned lessons. I went to concerts. I became closer to my best friends. I made unforgettable memories. I loved. I prayed. I took lots of pictures. (And videos.) I took risks. I discovered what makes me happy. I met my favorite person on the planet. (Peek at the very last video above.) I laughed. I cried. I found new music. I sang. I danced. I met new people. I lived.

So, here’s a lil video to remember this year and all the little moments that came with it.

Thanks 2017. Here’s to another 365 days.

See you next year.




Top 10 Songs of 2017

62 days. According to Spotify that’s how much time I spent listening to music this year. 62 STRAIGHT DAYS. And I wouldn’t take back any second of it.

2017 was a great year for music. I listened to so many albums on repeat including, Brett Eldredge, Thomas Rhett and Drake White. I spent a majority of my year going to concerts and experiencing my favorite artists live. Music is a big part of my life as you can tell from my weekly posts, spreading the word about my favorite songs. I am never NOT listening to music or humming a song or belting out the lyrics to a jam that’s stuck in my head (Whether I have a great voice or not. Most likely not.) So therefore I felt the need to recap my favorite songs that made this year memorable. The songs that bring back some of the best memories I had this year. Every song in this list explains a little bit about every moment, feeling, and story that I experienced this year.

I wouldn’t take one moment of this year back. That’s for sure. And you’ll see why heading towards this weekend. Stay tuned in a couple of days for my 2017 Highlight Video. I am really excited about this years and can’t wait to share it.

But, for now here are 10 songs that made my 2017.

10. Dance – Rascal Flatts – (Back To Us)

This is not a single off of Rascal Flatts most recent record, Back To Us, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it became one. This song kinda describes me. I am terrible at dancing but I kinda, really don’t care. This song makes you want to dance there is no doubt. I enjoyed the entire record Back To Us, but this is my favorite. It starts off with a verse that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and then bursts into the chorus that makes you want to start a flash mob.

9. Good Company – Jake Owen – (American Love)

I was always in good company in 2017. Surrounded by good friends, family and friends that turned into family. This song has a little reggae vibe to it and makes you want to live in the music video. It reminds me of beach days and days at the lake filled with all my favorite people. And I am pretty sure I had this song stuck in my head for 99% of 2017.

8. Rich – Maren Morris – (Hero)

Okay let’s be honest. I want to be Maren Morris. I’d also be hella rich. And if you don’t understand why, listen to the song. I am not really sure what’s up with me and these girl power songs. But, heck. I like ’em. Not much more to explain. Pretty much explains how I feel about this year. Yep.

7. My Girl – Dylan Scott – (Dylan Scott)

Love love love this song and Dylan Scott. Such an adorable song. (I just went from 100 to 0 real fast.) I like to pretend that a guy could actually sing this to me one day. (Jokes on me.) I can dream though right? Anyway, this song just brings back the memory of when I went to Faster Horses Festival over the summer. Dylan Scott was playing at the Next From Nashville tent and it was so packed, I couldn’t even see him. But, when he started to play this song everyone flipped. I couldn’t see or hear him but definitely a top moment of my year. I’ll post the video below.

6. Road Trippin’ – Dan+Shay – (Obsessed)

I did a lot of road trippin’ in 2017. It’s probably my favorite thing in the entire world. Being in the car with your best friends, with the windows down and the radio turned all the way up. I live for that. Dan + Shay’s album, “Obsessed” came out last year but this song is such a good song to put on when you are cruising down the highway. This summer was the first little trip my friends and I took by ourselves. We went up to Northern Michigan and went to the beach, and discovered a cool lighthouse on Lake Huron we climbed to the top of. This song reminds me of this lil adventure and I can’t wait for more in 2018.

5. Story – Drake White – (Spark)

Drake White has been my favorite artist of 2017. No doubts. This song is definitely on the bluegrass side. (As are most of his songs) And boy do I love it. His voice is raspy and raw and I think he would fall under the definition of “talented.” This song talks about how everybody is just living their own story. How everybody has their ups and downs but we are all living in the same world. You have to listen to the lyrics because I promise they will hit home. (Watch out for Drake White making another appearance below.)

4. In Case You Didn’t Know – Brett Young – (Brett Young)

This song makes me a little emotional not going to lie. It was a part of my year in a small way. A lil advice to ya if you are struggling with telling someone how you feel. Just tell them. Because if you wait too long, it might be too late. I’m going to move on to the next song now…

3. Unforgettable – Thomas Rhett – (Life Changes)

Can’t tell you how many times I have listened to this song this year. So much to the point where my friends and I planned a lil adventure on the 14th of October. (We’re cool. I know.) This is another song we scream on car rides. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve yelled the beginning of this song without taking a breathe. (I call it a talent of mine.) And I challenge you to it.

2. Castaway – Brett Eldredge – (Brett Eldredge)

Oh boy. I won’t get started on this song. Falls a lil close to my heart. You’ll just have to listen.

  1. Makin’ Me Look Good Again – Drake White – (Spark)

This song. Didn’t even hesitate marking it as my #1 song for this year. Every time it came on the radio, it was known as MY song. I hope you understand why he landed twice on my list. And yes, a lot of my songs are songs you have to scream the lyrics to, but this one especially. You should have seen me when I heard him play this live. But seriously, THIS SONG! It is usually really hard for me to pick favorite songs, this one won by a long shot. I hope I blessed your ears with a lil Drake White to end your 2017. (You didn’t know he was everything you needed, did you?)

Thanks for checkin’ out my 2017 story through my top 10 songs. I hope I opened up a lil door for you to check out some new artists. (I’m getting all sentimental now thinking about all the amazing music that came out this year.) I should probably end it here.

Stay tuned in the next couple days for when I post my 2017 Highlight Video.





10:23pm. I know. Better late than never for SONG OF THE WEEK. I promise this one is worth the wait though.

I have been Christmas shopping and putting gifts together all day. (ONE WEEK TIL CHRISTMAS BY THE WAY!) I have finally finished my Fall semester and I feel like 80,000 pounds has been lifted off my shoulders. The Christmas season is in full swing friends.

I heard this weeks SONG OF THE WEEK on the radio today. It was just released as a new single. The music video was also released this morning, and it did not disappoint.

You can listen to the song and check out the video below.

Thomas Rhett – Marry Me

This song is so sad, but has such a good story. He sings about the girl he is in love with who is getting married. But, he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to mess anything up, he just wants the girl to be happy. Ugh. Thomas Rhett. I mean we all know it worked out for him because him and his wife are couple goals, but he sings this song so well. The lyrics are so perfect.

The music video matches the song so well too. (Just wait for the ending. Holy Crap.)

I will hopefully be seeing TR next year in October(That’s so far away. I know.) But, I am already so pumped to hear his whole album live, especially this song. So, give it a listen y’all.

Next Monday is Christmas day, but I will be posting a SONG OF THE WEEK on Sunday (Maybe one of my favorite Christmas songs). See ya Christmas Eve!

happy Monday (night) y’all.



Well Hello!

Pretty excited to let y’all know that I will now be selling my artwork, lettering etc. through the website REDBUBBLE.

The sticker in the featured image is the first of many things I will be selling on the website, where you can purchase stickers, mugs, t-shirts, posters, signs and so much more!

I discovered REDBUBBLE when looking for cool stickers to go on my laptop. Artists can sell all kinds of artwork through the website. There are a lot of really cute and unique things on there and they sell for pretty cheap.

The Love More sticker was my first product I uploaded and you can purchase it as a mug, sticker or poster/sign. You can stick it on your laptop, car, notebooks, just about anything! Just a little reminder to spread love because the world could use a lot of it. (And it’s only $2.75!)

You can know check out my REDBUBBLE shop by clicking the “Shop” page on the menu bar or I’ll give you a little shortcut here!

I will be continuously updating my shop and adding new things frequently. And if you have any special requests please let me know!

Thanks for stoppin by.



Ok. I know what you’re thinking…”Oh. She stans Taylor Swift…”

I don’t usually listen to this kind of music. (I liked Tswifts old stuff 1000x better, doesn’t everyone?) BUT. I have to admit I have been listening to her new album lately. Maybe because I am in need of new music, I just resorted to listening to her. Or maybe because I need to take my aggression(from finals) out over something? Couldn’t tell ya. Some of the songs make me cringe on there, not going to lie. But, there is one song……

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Taylor Swift

This song is for your late night feels, crazy, insane girl vibes. This is such a petty song. I love it. This song throws so much shade (about her feud with Kanye obviously, but I don’t care about that). It’s just such a good song to scream, if you need to release some emotions. (Not saying I do that but). I feel like this whole other side of me comes out when I hear this song. I really don’t even know why.

Anyway! Just give it a try and if you don’t like it…oh well…see ya next Monday…

Meanwhile, I am going to force myself to get back to this 36 page math review I need to finish by tomorrow. Nice knowin y’all.

Thanks for reading. And click that follow button if you want to be updated every week on my favorite songs.


Snowy Day in Detroit

It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

This was my first Saturday I’ve had off in a LONG time and my family decided we would take a trip Downtown Detroit to check out the holiday markets.

It also ended up being the first snow of the winter. Could we have planned that any more perfectly?

We started the day off with a trip to the Looney Baker, because beginning the day with donuts makes me happy. (Also the best chocolate covered donuts ever.)

We then headed downtown.

We started at the Detroit Mercantile Co. which is a big warehouse where vendors go to sell things. Everything from clothes to soap to food. It’s basically a giant market. I didn’t have my camera when we went in, which I regret because it was definitely photo worthy. There were string lights hanging across the whole warehouse, surrounded with all sorts of distressed brick. It just felt really cozy and warm inside.

We then headed towards Campus Martius. Right next to Campus Martius is Cadillac Square where they have all these little glass sheds set up as pop-up shops for a bunch of businesses. IMG_8797IMG_8811

I mean this looks like a scene out of a movie. And it’s in the middle of the city. How freakin cool.

We walked across the street to Campus Martius right after, looking at the huge Christmas tree and watching the ice skaters on the rink. IMG_8812.JPG

We just adventured down Woodward for a while, where we found these cute little igloos that also had little coffee shops and businesses in them. A little escape from the 25 degree, windy, snowy weather. IMG_8803

There are so many cool new things going on in Detroit, not many people recognize or know about. It’s not just an abandoned city anymore.

We decided we needed to warm up and my dad saw a building he said we needed to see. He said the inside was really cool.

And he was right.

This is the Guardian Building. It’s an old skyscraper in Detroit. This is just the lobby. There were little shops and a coffee bar inside the lobby also. We warmed up inside and then headed back out.

For lunch we knew exactly where we were going. Lafayette Coney Island. The best Coney Island in Michigan. Coney dog and fries was my lunch. The best.

We left the Coney Island and detoured down a side street which had more little sheds. My favorite part was the little Christmas tree lot they had. IMG_8814

So, if you ever find yourself in Detroit for some reason, don’t just pass it by. There are so many cool places to explore Downtown at any time of the year. I am just now discovering the interesting places Detroit holds (thanks to my job) and I am excited to experience it more and more. I mean how blessed am I to live so close to such a cool little city.

Until next time, Detroit.

Feel free to comment any cool places you have discovered in your city, and if you live near Detroit, I’d love to hear about the places you’ve visited Downtown.

Happy weekend y’all.