Why you shouldn’t worry about the future.

A lil update.

I haven’t posted on here in 2 months. This probably sent you into a slight depression and crying frenzy, I know, I’m sorry. Wipe your tears though because I am about to vomit a whole lot of words at you right now.

I have been trying to figure out a few things.

Maybe not just a few.

I got mad at myself the other day because I was sitting in bed, scrolling through endless, stupid tweets about Walmart boy (but seriously when is he going on tour??), SpongeBob memes, and people putting tin foil in the microwave. I stopped and actually questioned what I was doing with my life.

I jokingly ask myself this all the time, especially when I am on my 3rd ice cream container, halfway through the week. But, this time I actually thought about it.

I looked back on what I had done that week. School. Work. Homework. School. Work. I was getting used to the place I was in. I felt that I wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t achieving anything. And I didn’t like that.

I suddenly got this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach and became anxious about the fact that I am wasting my life away.

You might have just laughed and went to go exit my teenage breakdown/”my life is falling apart” post. And YA people tell me, “You’re 19!!! You’re so young!!” But inside, I feel each and everyday slipping away and theres me; wishing I could rewind to relive it in a more glorious way!!! Instead I go back to finishing my homework discussion post, where I try to come up with an intelligent response to what Karen thinks about diet fads.

It is crazy to think that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet. And that makes me so anxious to start creating those days!! And then I have to remind myself again. I’m only 19. And then at the same time my brain says, “You’re almost 20!!”

See, it’s just a viscous cycle of “You’re young! You have plenty of time!” and “You’re young! Enjoy it while it lasts!”

I am not saying that I am not grateful for where I am, because oh man!! I am SO SO happy and in love with the job I have and the people I have in my life right now. If I didn’t have this nagging feeling that there are bigger things out there, I would be happy right where I am right now. This may sound selfish, but I want to experience more. I don’t want to learn about the world sitting in a classroom. I want to go out and experience it, diet fads and all!!!

Another thing I have beat myself up over these past 2 months is the future. I have always worried about the future. I have always had a plan. A plan for what I am doing tomorrow, next week, next month. I knew what I wanted go study, what job I was going to have and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. But in the past couple of months I have come to the smack-in-the-face realization, that I definitely do not have a plan. Not even an idea. And that scares me.

But. In the past couple of months I’ve also become closer to that big guy in sky!! That was one of my goals of 2018. And I realized that I have absolutely. no. control. over the future. It is all in His hands. Our anxiety does not come from worrying about the future it comes from wanting to control it!! And I have learned to except that. He is going to plant a whole lot of bumps in the road, but it is for a good reason. He is guiding you somewhere. You may not know where the heck that is!!! But, He DOES. And you have to put all your faith in that. Even if it’s really freakin scary.

I do know one thing. I want to spend everyday like it’s my last. Because honestly, you don’t know if it could be your last. I want to have stories to tell my kids when I am older. Stories that are way more exciting than the kid who became famous by yodeling in a Walmart!!! (Sorry kid!!)

But first. 3 more classes. I have 3 more classes until I finish my associate degree. Heck, it is just an associate degree, but I don’t think a bachelors degree can teach me what I am wishing to go out and discover. Sorry college!!! I never minded school. I get good grades. But I feel like it isn’t getting me where I want to be. Not saying I won’t go back to school. Because I do love learning new things. (Just not about how many different kinds of rocks there are.)

Anyway. Now that you’ve experienced my meltdown in words. Here are 3 things I taught myself in these past couple of months.

1. The future is hella scary. Especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. But, you can’t just stay in your comfort zone for the rest of your life, all because it’s something that’s familiar to you. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. If you want to become a doctor, go and become a doctor!!! If you want to become famous by singing in Walmart, become famous by singing in Walmart!! If you want to travel the world, travel the world!!

2. Wait. If you’re not where you want to be right now, don’t worry. Don’t get yourself worked up over the fact that you’re not dating or successful or married or pregnant. Everyone achieves things their own way. No matter how long it takes you to finish that degree, or get married or get your dream job, just know that He has a plan for you. You just haven’t gotten there yet. Be patient. The best is yet to come.

3. Dream. There’s no saying that you can’t dream! Dream about that incredible trip to a different country you want to take. Dream about that future home you can’t wait to move into. Dream about finishing your degree. Dream about that job you always thought you’d have. Just don’t beat yourself up over the fact that you’re not there yet.

So, I’ll be over here, finishing up these last 3 classes. Dreaming and waiting for what He has in store.


January Favorites

I don’t know about you guys but January is my least favorite month. It’s boring. It’s cold. There’s no holidays. School. Work. Nothing fun happens. Well at least not over here. I’m not kidding I was a click away from buying a plane ticket to the Bahamas for a good week there.

That is why I decided to go through and find what I liked about January. My favorite things, reads, makeup, tv show etc. So, here is a lil sneak peak into my favorite things in the month of January.

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  1. You Are A Bad*** – How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

I usually don’t read, not going to lie. But, my friends bought me this book for my birthday (because apparently I doubt my greatness?) So far, I’m enjoying it. I’m a slow reader so I’m only about 10 pages in, but those 10 pages pulled me in, so it’s gotta be good! I use it more as a journal instead of a book, because I like to underline things and mark up the pages.


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2. Tombow Dual Brush Pens

This kind of stuff makes me so excited. I got these for Christmas and if you’ve seen my Instagram stories and what not, this is what I use in them. (Also used to create the header for this post.) They create that calligraphy look that I love love love. (BTW – I started this lil thing where you can get a FREE handmade card by me – cute for Valentines Day and stuff. So check it out!)

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3. One Line A Day Journal

I always liked the idea of journaling, seems fun right? But, I did not like the idea of writing a ton. (Seems weird to say since I own a blog? Sometimes I don’t even understand my logic.) This lil journal is my new favorite thing. Instead of writing a full page about your day, it only allows you to write 1-3 lines per day. Basically just to state what you did, where you went etc. It is also really cool because each page has a different day, but for 5 years! So, once you get past your first year, you go back to January 1st and can see what you were doing last year on that day. I think it will be really cool to see how much will change in the next 5 years.

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4. Neutrogena – Hydro Boost – Water Gel

I’m also not really into trying new makeup, which is also weird because I have 2 makeup/skincare items in this blog. Once I find something I like, I usually stick with it. Which is why I am talking about this miracle worker. My skin gets super dry in the winter, as does anyone’s. And I struggle to find a good moisturizer that doesn’t leave my skin shinny. But, this does the trick. I put it on my beauty blender when I’m apply foundation and concealer, so that it doesn’t go on cakey and at the same time is getting rid of the dry skin. (Also, do you see a color theme going on here?)

5. I Love Nude Eyeshadow Collection – Color Story by SE

AGAIN, not super into makeup, but sometimes I have to look like I am not 12 years old at work, sooo. (I also couldn’t find anywhere you could purchase this.) I believe I got it at TJMAXX, so I am assuming it was super cheap, but the colors are perfect. I use it everyday which is why it belongs in my January favorites.

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6. Ellia by Homedics Rise Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

(Again with the color theme, I did not plan this.) I got this for Christmas as well. My mom is really into the essential oils, so she bought me one. This diffuser that I have has a color changing light on it and it also plays really soft music, which I love. I usually use it when I go to bed, I put 3 drops of Lavender and 2 drops of cedar wood in it and I swear to God I am knocked out 5 minutes after I hit the pillow. I am really good at overthinking things, which usually happens at night, and it just eliminated those midnights when I am starring at the ceiling contemplating my life. (Thank God.)


7. Grey’s Anatomy

You know I couldn’t go without sharing my favorite Thursday night plans. Greys Anatomy came back 2 weeks ago and this season is just. Ugh. I love this show. Thursdays just aren’t Thursdays without Greys Anatomy. AND. Last episode they announced the firefighter spin-off with one of the Greys characters. It’s called Station 19, and you can bet I’ll be watching that as well.

So, there ya have it, my favorite things throughout the month of January. If you liked this post, and want me to do them every month comment or like! And, if you have any questions about anything let me know.

BTW – yes there is a SONG OF THE WEEK coming tonight, so stay tuned.


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Hello 2018.

This is the first SONG OF THE WEEK of 2018 and it’s a lil different from the others. New year, new music? I made it a goal for this year to discover new artists and branch out a lil more. (We’ll see how that rolls.)

Anyway! Last week my family and I went and saw the movie, The Greatest Showman. So. Good. A lil summary, this guy who creates a show/circus out of basically nothing. He finds all these interesting, different people to take part in the show and it grows to be a this huge, spectacular performance. (Obviously with bumps along the way.) Zac Efron and Zendaya play great roles in it. But, the soundtrack is so, so, so good. Every song throughout the movie made you want to sing along.

So, this weeks SONG OF THE WEEK is my favorite from the soundtrack…

Come Alive – Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman Soundtrack)

You can also watch the live commercial they did for the song. (The reason I discovered the jam.)

My favorite part is when EVERYONE starts singing and clapping. Love it.

The entire soundtrack for the movie is really good and I totally recommend that you listen to it. (Even if you’re not into the musical scene.)

Well. Here is to 2018.

I can’t wait to keep building my lil blog and sharing lots and lots with y’all.

Happy first Monday of 2018.

(If you haven’t seen my 2017 video yet, click here; https://lilyann.blog/2017/12/31/2017-highlight-video/)


2017 Highlight Video

2017 you did me good.

I traveled. I explored. I tried new things. I grew closer to Jesus. I learned lessons. I went to concerts. I became closer to my best friends. I made unforgettable memories. I loved. I prayed. I took lots of pictures. (And videos.) I took risks. I discovered what makes me happy. I met my favorite person on the planet. (Peek at the very last video above.) I laughed. I cried. I found new music. I sang. I danced. I met new people. I lived.

So, here’s a lil video to remember this year and all the little moments that came with it.

Thanks 2017. Here’s to another 365 days.

See you next year.





10:23pm. I know. Better late than never for SONG OF THE WEEK. I promise this one is worth the wait though.

I have been Christmas shopping and putting gifts together all day. (ONE WEEK TIL CHRISTMAS BY THE WAY!) I have finally finished my Fall semester and I feel like 80,000 pounds has been lifted off my shoulders. The Christmas season is in full swing friends.

I heard this weeks SONG OF THE WEEK on the radio today. It was just released as a new single. The music video was also released this morning, and it did not disappoint.

You can listen to the song and check out the video below.

Thomas Rhett – Marry Me

This song is so sad, but has such a good story. He sings about the girl he is in love with who is getting married. But, he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to mess anything up, he just wants the girl to be happy. Ugh. Thomas Rhett. I mean we all know it worked out for him because him and his wife are couple goals, but he sings this song so well. The lyrics are so perfect.

The music video matches the song so well too. (Just wait for the ending. Holy Crap.)

I will hopefully be seeing TR next year in October(That’s so far away. I know.) But, I am already so pumped to hear his whole album live, especially this song. So, give it a listen y’all.

Next Monday is Christmas day, but I will be posting a SONG OF THE WEEK on Sunday (Maybe one of my favorite Christmas songs). See ya Christmas Eve!

happy Monday (night) y’all.



Well Hello!

Pretty excited to let y’all know that I will now be selling my artwork, lettering etc. through the website REDBUBBLE.

The sticker in the featured image is the first of many things I will be selling on the website, where you can purchase stickers, mugs, t-shirts, posters, signs and so much more!

I discovered REDBUBBLE when looking for cool stickers to go on my laptop. Artists can sell all kinds of artwork through the website. There are a lot of really cute and unique things on there and they sell for pretty cheap.

The Love More sticker was my first product I uploaded and you can purchase it as a mug, sticker or poster/sign. You can stick it on your laptop, car, notebooks, just about anything! Just a little reminder to spread love because the world could use a lot of it. (And it’s only $2.75!)

You can know check out my REDBUBBLE shop by clicking the “Shop” page on the menu bar or I’ll give you a little shortcut here!

I will be continuously updating my shop and adding new things frequently. And if you have any special requests please let me know!

Thanks for stoppin by.



HEY HEY! Another Monday!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been checking out my blog. It means a lot.

This weeks SONG OF THE WEEK is from this guy with a hell of a beard. I mean look at it. I saw Jordan Davis in concert at the beginning of the month when he was touring with Kip Moore. I would definitely see him again, he was a great live performer, full of energy. The crowd definitely was jamming hard to him.

The song I wanna highlight is Take It From Me

“You got what I want, I got what you need. Take it from me.”

It’s such a jam you just want to sing along even if you don’t know the words.

I can’t wait to see Jordan Davis again, and I definitely recommend seeing him live. Also, he has 2 other songs that I love just as much. Singles You Up (Which is on country radio right now) and Slow Dance In A Parking Lot. (Super cute)

make this Monday great yall.