About Me


Oh hi!


The Basics:

Name: Lily Ann Alonso

Location: Michigan

Prefers: Country music. Exploring. Photography. Kind people. Raspberry Pie. Concerts. Cats & Dogs. Car Rides. Flannels. Friends & Family. Ice cream. Greys Anatomy. Up North. Chocolate Milkshakes. Halloween & Christmas.

Dear Friend,

I can’t really explain to you why I started this blog. I have absolutely no free time at the moment. I work full time and go to school full time (I know, yikes). But something inside me wanted to start something new.

From here on out, here is what you will run into;
I talk about music. A lot. Not just a lot, a lot. More like all the time. Ask my friends and family(Sorry!). More specifically country music. Like, are you kidding me. How can you not like country music. They aren’t just songs, they’re stories. So, I guarantee 95% of my posts will be about country music.
 I go to concerts. A lot. And you guessed it! Country concerts. Live music in general makes me happy. I feel all is right in the world when I am screaming the lyrics to my favorite songs. Along with the majority of posts about music, I will be talking about my concert experiences as well.
I take pictures. Not just pictures, portraits. I work at a photography studio, taking photos of mainly seniors in high school. I mean how fun of a job do I have? I also work with the most amazing, loving, funny people in the world. My job is basically my life. And I love it. I take my camera almost everywhere I go, so be ready for photos GALORE. You can check out my photography page here:
I like to explore. I don’t go far. I mean Michigan has so much to offer. My goal is to explore all of Michigan (and eventually the rest of the world) and I will share that journey with you. As for now, these tiny Michigan towns will do.
I like to share. I like to share new products, new websites, new clothes, new places, new things. I don’t just like to share objects either. I am a creative person. I strive on creativity. That being said, I will share my creativity with ya.

Nice to meet ya.