5 Underrated/Upcoming Country Artists You Need to Check Out

We all know summer is country music season. Roadtrips, beaches, bonfires, concerts, drop tops, you get the point.(I get so happy just thinking about it!!!)

I listen to country music year round, but we all know it sounds a helluva lot better in the summer. (Or when there’s not 6 inches of snow on the ground)

I’ve had multiple people ask me to make them a summer/country music playlist. And boy can I tell ya, you came to the right person!!! You can call me the queen of country music playlists. Need a playlist for your roadtrip? I got you. Need a playlist for your party? I got you. Need a playlist for your shower? I got you.

So, in that case, doing what I do best, here are a list of UNDERRATED, UPCOMING (AMAZING) country music artists and their songs that deserve a little shoutout for becoming the soundtrack to my summer.

The Difference – Tyler Rich

This guy just hit the music scene and #1 on my playlist with this song. 10/10 summer jam. Even my lil bro liked this one, (he swears on his life he doesn’t like country music.) Must mean somethin huh!

Look At You – Seth Ennis

Also a country music newcomer. I’ve heard people talk about him before and then I heard this lil summertime jam.

Lil story – I was driving with my top down/windows down, and was blasting this song and pulled up next to this guy at a red light. This boy knew all the words to this song!!! We had a moment screaming the words at eachother!!! Just sayin that was the highlight of my whole week. Shoutout to you boy, wherever you are!!

Happy Place – Drake White

Probably the most underrated guy in country music, let me tell ya. This guy can sing. And perform. And you’ve probably heard me rant about him if you’ve somehow ended up on my blog before. (Sorry.) But, IM RANTING FOR A REASON! GO LISTEN!

Whole Lot in Love – Austin Burke

Another summertime jam that I’m going to bless you with. This is the only song I know by this artist but it makes me want to go listen to more.

Alone Together – Dan + Shay

Shoutout to you if you know who these guys are!!! Fairly new to the country music scene but always creapin at the top of the charts. I’ve been super fans of these super sweet, humble guys since before they even released an album. So in that case I have to give them a shoutout. (Fun fact: last night they won their very first country music award!!) They are realeasing their new album on June 22nd and if you don’t check it out, I’ll hunt you down.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to listen to my playlist that includes these 5 songs and a bunch of other of my summer favorites, click here!

I’m always open to new music, so if you have some summer favorites, please share!

Also, follow me on Instagram where I always post my current favorite jams.

Enough of the plugging!!! Thanks again for reading! (If you made it this far.)

Create, Explore, and Turn Up the Volume.


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