Room Update!

Most people dread redoing a room because it costs a lot of money. I feel ya. I was excited to redecorate and make my room all cute but realized how much money I was about to spend. It doesn’t have to break your bank account though. You can find a lot of cute things for really cheap! Trust me, I look for them.

A couple weeks ago I went to Menards, which is a giant store that literally has anything you can think of. I mean they sell everything from kitchen cabinets to a gallon of milk. They have a lot of home decorating stuff and for CHEAP.

So, here is a little update on the room situation. What I bought, how much I bought it for and how it’s lookin.

Below is what I have sitting next to my bed. It’s a cute lil square table, which I bought in white. You can view my inspiration for it here. (Don’t mind the bunch of chords hangin out on the side there.) On the website it says it is $39.99 but, I think I bought it on sale for $37.99. I also bought the basket in the lower left cubby, which I think adds a cute lil natural accent. (Which I’m bringing in throughout my room.) The basket was only $14.99. You can find the table here and the basket (I don’t think it’s the same one but close.) here. IMG_9003

I also really, really needed somewhere to hang my stuff because it had been laying on the floor for about 3 weeks, oops. So, I bought this lil set of hooks that hangs right when you enter my room. I couldn’t find the same one on their website but here is a white version of it, which is the same price, $19.99. I also bought a couple small hooks for above to hang my hats.


I am pretty happy about this next one because I so desperately needed a new fan. My old one hung so low on my ceiling, you could almost hit your head on it before. The one I bought is a low-profile one, which means it is way closer to the ceiling. My old one also had only two speeds, really, really, really high or really, really, really low. The reason I’m excited is because I got it for $24.99. (Heck ya!) It is exactly what I wanted too. You can change the blades to be white or wood. On the website it is now $29.99, but you can check it out here.


So, now that I got the ball rollin a lil bit, I’m excited to keep adding to the decorations. That was probably the most amount of money I will have to spend. (Which wasn’t even a lot!) The rest will just be little purchases. (Besides pillows….I’m really confused as to why pillows are so expensive??)

Thanks for keeping up with my room process and I hope I helped with any hints as to where you can buy cute things to update a room for cheap. Stay tuned for more soon. And if you didn’t get a chance to peek at the before pictures (yikes.) you can click here.

TGIF Y’all.



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