Redoing My Room!

Happy weekend y’all.

I decided a while ago that I wanted to redo my room to make it less “bright colors” and “crap I don’t need everywhere”, to “simple” and “clean” and “cute.” I pinned a lot of pictures on Pinterest as my inspiration and decide I was going to start the new year with a new room. My inspo board here!

So, do you kind of get the vibe I’m going for? Simple but with hints of a lil boho style?

Here is what my room looked like before. You might want to close one eye…

image1 (2)image3

Peep my cat.

Yikes right.

Well, I went to the home store and chose the first paint color that caught my eye. It’s a creamy white color. If you would like the exact color, click here!

(Not to mention I threw away so much stuff I didn’t need.)

Here is what my room looks like now.image1 (3)image2 (1)

Crazy what a lil paint and cleaning can do. Oops. I still need to go shopping for decorations and storage stuff. (As you can see the walls are pretty bare.)

I’m also trying not to pay a fortune so I will keep updating on cute stuff I find for not a lot of money.

THAT REMINDS ME! The chair below I purchased from Target. It was originally $100 but I bought it on clearance for $29.99! I couldn’t find the chair on but I did find it here for $169. I think I got a steal.

image1 (4)

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of my room!

See you on Monday (aka the start of my winter semester, sadly.) for a new SONG OF THE WEEK.



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