10:23pm. I know. Better late than never for SONG OF THE WEEK. I promise this one is worth the wait though.

I have been Christmas shopping and putting gifts together all day. (ONE WEEK TIL CHRISTMAS BY THE WAY!) I have finally finished my Fall semester and I feel like 80,000 pounds has been lifted off my shoulders. The Christmas season is in full swing friends.

I heard this weeks SONG OF THE WEEK on the radio today. It was just released as a new single. The music video was also released this morning, and it did not disappoint.

You can listen to the song and check out the video below.

Thomas Rhett – Marry Me

This song is so sad, but has such a good story. He sings about the girl he is in love with who is getting married. But, he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to mess anything up, he just wants the girl to be happy. Ugh. Thomas Rhett. I mean we all know it worked out for him because him and his wife are couple goals, but he sings this song so well. The lyrics are so perfect.

The music video matches the song so well too. (Just wait for the ending. Holy Crap.)

I will hopefully be seeing TR next year in October(That’s so far away. I know.) But, I am already so pumped to hear his whole album live, especially this song. So, give it a listen y’all.

Next Monday is Christmas day, but I will be posting a SONG OF THE WEEK on Sunday (Maybe one of my favorite Christmas songs). See ya Christmas Eve!

happy Monday (night) y’all.


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