Well Hello!

Pretty excited to let y’all know that I will now be selling my artwork, lettering etc. through the website REDBUBBLE.

The sticker in the featured image is the first of many things I will be selling on the website, where you can purchase stickers, mugs, t-shirts, posters, signs and so much more!

I discovered REDBUBBLE when looking for cool stickers to go on my laptop. Artists can sell all kinds of artwork through the website. There are a lot of really cute and unique things on there and they sell for pretty cheap.

The Love More sticker was my first product I uploaded and you can purchase it as a mug, sticker or poster/sign. You can stick it on your laptop, car, notebooks, just about anything! Just a little reminder to spread love because the world could use a lot of it. (And it’s only $2.75!)

You can know check out my REDBUBBLE shop by clicking the “Shop” page on the menu bar or I’ll give you a little shortcut here!

I will be continuously updating my shop and adding new things frequently. And if you have any special requests please let me know!

Thanks for stoppin by.


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