Snowy Day in Detroit

It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

This was my first Saturday I’ve had off in a LONG time and my family decided we would take a trip Downtown Detroit to check out the holiday markets.

It also ended up being the first snow of the winter. Could we have planned that any more perfectly?

We started the day off with a trip to the Looney Baker, because beginning the day with donuts makes me happy. (Also the best chocolate covered donuts ever.)

We then headed downtown.

We started at the Detroit Mercantile Co. which is a big warehouse where vendors go to sell things. Everything from clothes to soap to food. It’s basically a giant market. I didn’t have my camera when we went in, which I regret because it was definitely photo worthy. There were string lights hanging across the whole warehouse, surrounded with all sorts of distressed brick. It just felt really cozy and warm inside.

We then headed towards Campus Martius. Right next to Campus Martius is Cadillac Square where they have all these little glass sheds set up as pop-up shops for a bunch of businesses. IMG_8797IMG_8811

I mean this looks like a scene out of a movie. And it’s in the middle of the city. How freakin cool.

We walked across the street to Campus Martius right after, looking at the huge Christmas tree and watching the ice skaters on the rink. IMG_8812.JPG

We just adventured down Woodward for a while, where we found these cute little igloos that also had little coffee shops and businesses in them. A little escape from the 25 degree, windy, snowy weather. IMG_8803

There are so many cool new things going on in Detroit, not many people recognize or know about. It’s not just an abandoned city anymore.

We decided we needed to warm up and my dad saw a building he said we needed to see. He said the inside was really cool.

And he was right.

This is the Guardian Building. It’s an old skyscraper in Detroit. This is just the lobby. There were little shops and a coffee bar inside the lobby also. We warmed up inside and then headed back out.

For lunch we knew exactly where we were going. Lafayette Coney Island. The best Coney Island in Michigan. Coney dog and fries was my lunch. The best.

We left the Coney Island and detoured down a side street which had more little sheds. My favorite part was the little Christmas tree lot they had. IMG_8814

So, if you ever find yourself in Detroit for some reason, don’t just pass it by. There are so many cool places to explore Downtown at any time of the year. I am just now discovering the interesting places Detroit holds (thanks to my job) and I am excited to experience it more and more. I mean how blessed am I to live so close to such a cool little city.

Until next time, Detroit.

Feel free to comment any cool places you have discovered in your city, and if you live near Detroit, I’d love to hear about the places you’ve visited Downtown.

Happy weekend y’all.


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