What? How? When?

Anyway, happy happy Monday y’all.

I’ve done a few updates to the blog. Started adding stuff to my photography page. You can check it out here!

So, I usually do a song of the week every Monday, to share the music I’m currently lovin’. I am sharing my favorite with you a little early this week because I am going to be extremely busy tomorrow.(Finals are coming. Help.)

This week I couldn’t chose just one song. Danielle Bradbery. How’d you do it? This album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, is a masterpiece.

This album is her sophomore album and took 4 years to produce. And it shows in every single song and lyric. You can tell she worked so hard on this album and put every single thought, tear, and smile into it.

I first fell in love with Danielle when she toured with Hunter Hayes in 2014. Some of you might recognize her from The Voice – Season 4. She is only 21. WHAT. (Not to mention, she is literally so pretty. You go girl.)

I’ve been listening to the new album since it came out a couple days ago. I can’t seem to choose any favorites off the album, they are all so good. I will tell you though, one that really hits me is “Worth it”.

It is just a raw outburst of emotions explaining that “I KNOW I’M WORTH IT”. Every girl should listen to this song if they’re thinking they aren’t enough. You are WORTH IT, trust me.

Every song after that is the same outpouring of emotions. Some of the other songs that really talk to me are; Sway, Laying Low and Potential. I’M JUST SPEECHLESS. It is such a worthy album. (Get it. Hah)

Listen to the whole album:







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