HEY HEY! Another Monday!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been checking out my blog. It means a lot.

This weeks SONG OF THE WEEK is from this guy with a hell of a beard. I mean look at it. I saw Jordan Davis in concert at the beginning of the month when he was touring with Kip Moore. I would definitely see him again, he was a great live performer, full of energy. The crowd definitely was jamming hard to him.

The song I wanna highlight is Take It From Me

“You got what I want, I got what you need. Take it from me.”

It’s such a jam you just want to sing along even if you don’t know the words.

I can’t wait to see Jordan Davis again, and I definitely recommend seeing him live. Also, he has 2 other songs that I love just as much. Singles You Up (Which is on country radio right now) and Slow Dance In A Parking Lot. (Super cute)

make this Monday great yall.


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