Every Monday I will post a song I have been listening to. One that grabs my attention and one that will probably be on repeat for the next week. (or month) Music gives an insight of what is going on in my brain at the time. So, if you really want to get to know me, listen to these songs. They could just be random jams too. You never know.

So here it is. The first ever, SONG OF THE WEEK.

More – Hunter Hayes

The big HH created a debut album in 2011, “Hunter Hayes (Encore),” when he was most popular. He disappeared for a while, trying to find himself and his style of music. He has created a sophomore album (Storyline) and a few “projects” including “The 21 Project.”

I have been listening to his music since his debut album, I have been to 4 of his concerts and I have met him(he is the sweetest guy in the world) and not to mention, he sent me flowers on Valentines day last year…that’s a story for another time.


I hope you enjoy his most recent single, “More.” Another one of his sappy, perfect love songs. Ew.


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